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Let our AI expertise enhance your product.

Our team is capable of creating a comprehensive system for you, covering both the front-end and back-end development

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Machine Learning (AI)

In addition, we can design and implement an AI model that uses the collected data to generate tailored predictions that align with your specific goals.


We place a lot of emphasis on UI/UX design because users are ultimately the ones who interact the product every day. "As simple as possible" is our motto

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Our system enables bidirectional communication with a microcontroller using either wifi or bluetooth. Data synchronization occurs web and app interfaces.

Our software services encompass a wide range of skills and expertise to provide our customers with a comprehensive solution to their technical challenges.

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Machine learning

Customers who have relied on us

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Our Management Team

The Team with 12 young professionals and 80% specializing in machine learning. Despite our size, we collaborate closely with a diverse range of partners, enabling us to undertake sizable projects with ease.


Ha Le

Founder/ AI Specialist


Phuong Anh


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Duc Viet

Team Lead- Computer Vision


Le Long

Team Lead- NLP

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